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We are proud to offer you US Motors/NIDEC Motors Vertical HOLLOSHAFT® motors.
When it comes to Vertical HOLLOSHAFT® motors, we do our best to keep the most common horsepower ready and on hand. We know how difficult it is during pumping season to find the right one when you have a failure. Sometimes it is much more cost effective to buy a new one rather than have down time for repair. Sometimes finding a motor in time can mean the difference in a company’s harvest and/or ultimate survival. How many times have you made four or five phone calls looking for a 40hp Vertical HOLLOSHAFT® at 1800rpm in 230/460 volts during the height of pumping season and you absolutely CANNOT FIND ONE? That is a situation we do our best to avoid.  Click Here to shop for Vertical HOLLOSHAFT® motors! 


Chem Duty, Severe Duty, Hostile Duty, Etc.

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With motors ranging from Standard Efficient to Premium Efficient or from Farm Duty to Hostile Duty, US Motors’ largest American warehouse is only minutes away from our shop.  If we do not already have it in stock, let us go pick it up for you.

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Variable Freqency Policy on Non-Premium and Non-VFD Duty Motors

With the increase in the use of Variable Frequency Drives to control everything from starting, speed, time sets and energy consumption, the question often comes up “Can this motor be put on a VFD?” That is a complicated and often times LOADED question. The truth for US Motors products is there is a difference between “VFD DUTY” and motors that are “VFD Capable”.

Limitations to Frequency Range and Torque vary by efficiency ratings; limitations on the distance from the inverter to the motor come into play when dealing with Non-VFD Duty motors. Another thing to keep in mind is that when using a Non-VFD Duty motor on a VFD the warranty is limited even further. We have supplied a PDF file that states all of the limitations that you will need to know in order to make the right choice.

Download and study the PDF to help you make a more informed decision. .InverterSuitability-MotorsVFDs